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In today's world of high competitiveness and mad rush to climb the corporate ladder, here's one industry that will give you the comforts of your own and at the same time will reward you for the efforts your thoughts and actions have done. Yes, I am talking of Advertising field.

Today as India reels itself into 2015 Advertising field has broke its silence and is shouting loud for the need of trained and talented young advertising professionals. Ads which were made yesterday are becoming passe today as consumer tastes, customer psychology and spending habits are changing every day. In this scenario let me tell you in this blog what are the various positions available for the students who are trained in advertising subject.

The basic jobs in advertising can be classified as..........

1. Copywriters
2. Visualisers
3. Graphic Designers
4. Client Service Management Executives
5. Media Executives

Copywriters are people who provide advertisement matter to the advertisement. Copywriters are professionals with good command in english, hindi or telugu depending upon their specialisation.
Copywriters are supposed to churn out quality and persuasive matter which makes the reader go for the purchase of good, use of service or to like a product.
Once copywriters are experienced they occupy positions of Copy Chief having many copywriters working under them

Visualisers are people who have a high sense of creative ability to translate any kind of information in a graphical, visual or audio visual pattern. Visualisers are meant to create a background for a particular concept.
Once Visualisers are experienced they occupy the position of Art Director.

Graphic Designers are people who have good command over designing softwares like Pagemaker, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, Dream Weaver, 2D Max, 3D Max, Flash etc.,
Graphic designers have the ability to translate visualisers theme into the advertising layout by using various elements used in the advertisement. A good graphic designer is responsible in bringing the desired output as visualised by the visualiser.

Client Service Management Executive is the backbone of any advertising agency. He is the bridge between the outer world and the advertising agency.He is in continuous touch with the client who gives business and is instrumental in running business for the advertising agency.
Once Client Service Management Executives gain experience they can be elevated to the post of Head - Account Management etc.,

Media Executives are people who do the buying of media space, air time etc., from newspapers, Radio and TV stations. They do the negotiations for the client on behalf of him and see that maximum media value is delivered for the budget assigned.
Once Media Executives gain experience they can be elevated to the position of Media Managers.

Hope I have given some details about basic positions in the advertising agency and hope u look forward to read more stuff on advertising field.

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